Rogue Heist goes from Premium to FTP

August 19 , 2019 pic

Hello Everyone,

The aim of this blog is to reach out to each one of you who supported us since the Beta and welcome all the new heisters on board. Also before release we wanted to make sure there's clarity about what's the course that Rogue Heist is going to take and how it's going to affect all the early adopters. There has been much discussion & hype about Rogue Heist going as a FTP title or not but yes we have moved on from a premium model to a FTP game now. There's only one reason for doing the same, any multiplayer game is bound to die if it doesn't find a player base and premium or not there aren't enough number of players in the system. When we did a Beta on the basis of pre-orders the biggest challenge was to make sure everyone found a match but still the match finding queues were way too long and time taking. We therefore decided to remove the initial barrier of entry and move towards a FTP model to encourage players to try the game.

As an Indie studio releasing our first game we definitely wanted support and that's why we initially sort to help ourselves by going Premium and by that save some server costs too but by the backing of our investors we are ready to host bigger numbers of players in the system and that's given us strength with support from all of you who have been encouraging us to go FTP.

For all those who supported us during the Beta by buying the game will be given items of more worth in the game as a token of appreciation and acknowledgment from our side. Having said all this, we are going to continue our Premium and Ultimate Editions as DLCs in the game to let players gets their hands on special content and characters. That makes any new player on board go through the same selection factors like the early adopters. The base game is what's FTP now and everything else is still premium.


The table should provide clarity to all about who gets what when the game releases. For any of you who paid and still feels that this isn't enough or what you expected we have kept the option of refund open to maintain transparency like we always do.

We have always asked for support from the community and we still do but we have kept our commitment to keep things transparent intact too.

There is going to be a FAQs section uploaded related to this on the website for any further queries you have and you can always reach out to us too. Please join us in this moment of celebration when the Game releases, see you in the game.

Closed Beta starting June 14. To get access Pre-Order Now.