August 18 , 2019 pic

Hello Heisters,

Today is the day we have all been waiting for; as a studio gearing up for our first PC game "ROGUE HEIST" to be launched and as a community, the trust and patience that you guys have shown to us is what makes everything in between and after worth it.

Rogue Heist is all set to release on Steam on 19th August, 2019 and we are more than excited to finally share it with you. Since there are so many of you who have been with us in this journey for more than a year or so, we would like to take this moment to reflect and share all that we have been through to reach here with you.

Let's start with the firsts of first and like any other studio releasing its first game we too thought that the release is going to be that one moment when everything will be done and ready but truth be told, we had too many of those. It all began with the first beta we hosted in July 2018 and planned to release in August 2018 but everything changed after the feedback we received. Everyone who participated in the beta had something to say and we are more than thankful for all the feedback we got because Rogue Heist has evolved only because of the constant feedback it has got.

Since then, we have constantly improved the game and even kept an open mind regarding the game design to incorporate changes to make the game better than before. We firmly believe in one thing and one thing only; anything that helps make the game better gets a go ahead. In all this time we have planned to release the game numerous times only to face another snag forcing us to push the release.

Our hearts are swelled with Joy and pride this time when we say, WE ARE READY. We are ready and thrilled to share with you the fact that Rogue Heist is finally coming on PC on 19th August, 2019. While experiencing our share of firsts, we have been able to make a small yet close knit community, committed enough to support Rogue Heist which keeps us going.

These last two years of development are easily the most nerve-wracking, exciting days that we at Lifelike have experienced. From last minute technical issues to persistent bugs to supporters who have held their end all along and critics who have given their best; without all you out there we wouldn't have been here at all. The expectations of the community kept us running and we really want to exceed and excel ahead of them. Our goal was to make a game that was fun and exciting and we believe we did just that.

We initially planned Rogue Heist to be a premium game but after a month long beta we hosted in June 2019 & the feedback we received, it became obvious that Rogue Heist must release as a Free-To-Play title. The only reason for taking this decision is to get enough player base in the game, enabling everyone to find a match easily. Hopefully this is going to solve this challenge that we faced in the beta. For all those who paid for Standard, Premium, or Ultimate Edition are going to get special characters as unlocks while every new player is only getting a standard edition of the game while everything else has to be unlocked. There will be a detailed blog/ FAQs regarding all possible things that you might want answered in regards to going FTP from a paid game. Please follow us on our social media channels or discord for updates and announcements while we will also put up these FAQs on our website & in the game too.

Rogue Heist is never going to be a Pay-To-Win game and we take special care to make sure that the balance is intact. Having said so much, the game will still have bugs, balance issues, creative differences, possible game breaking bugs and other technical issues which we can only face when the game goes live.

From here on Rogue Heist doesn't only belong to us, it belongs to you equally; it's going to be shared equally because that's the beauty of the gaming community, whatever it shall become from hereon, we are ready to share that with you. We hope Rogue Heist is something that can evolve and adapt to be with you over many years to come and we are ready to do whatever it takes to make it.

Let's embark on this journey together and see what the future holds for us. Again, we thank each and everyone of you for being in this journey till now and welcome the new Heisters on board. Let it all begin, Here's to Rogue Heist.

Closed Beta starting June 14. To get access Pre-Order Now.