June 29 , 2019 pic

Hey everyone,

Beta 2 is live, we are testing one of the TDM mode (GANG WAR) today. Among various bug fixes done for the bugs reported, PUSH TO TALK is the most significant feature added. Now players can communicate better.

Following is the list of patch notes that have been done till date. We thank you for showing patience and sending in suggestions and feedbacks constantly. Join us on DISCORD for more info and updates.


  • Character Physics updated in Crow
  • Camera shake updated for all weapons
  • Reload time changed for AKL and M18
  • Recoil for MP7 changed
  • Damage of Dessi Katta increased
  • Game Settings Page Updated


  • Character shoot animation updated(while crouching and jog)

Bug Fixes

  • Auto Shoot when another player reloads - Fixed.
  • Repeated reloading by multiple left clicks - Fixed.
  • Multiple reload using R causing the character to lose the ability to reload without
finishing the mag - Fixed
  • With full mag, pressing R causes the character to lose the ability to reload - Fixed
  • Change in character speed from sprint to jog after getting out of the shoot, reload, jump and crouch even when holding shift - Fixed.
  • Shooting while too close to anyone doesn't kill them - Fixed.
  • ESC button has to be pressed twice to go to settings and can't go out of it with ESC -Fixed.
  • Tab Button Error for showing the players - Fixed.
  • Backend weapon data updated based on the class.
  • Interact Key Binding - Fixed.


  • Volume updated for Guns
  • Sound Added for Grenades
  • Environment sound added
  • Sniper Volume reduced
  • Reverb added in maps
  • Attenuation added for Taser gun

We will be hosting constant betas to make the experience smooth at the time of launch. Give us a shout-out, spread a word about Rogue Heist. See you in the game.

Closed Beta starting June 14. To get access Pre-Order Now.