June 25 , 2019 pic

Today's beta will feature Rogue Heist's "Heist Mode - Casual" where players will group in 2 teams of 6 each for a pure PvP experience. The purpose of testing this mode in beta is to review different roles/class efficacy & balance, match run time, different weapon implementation, sound effects among other many features in the game.

Considering there's much to test and experience, bugs are bound to affect the game; we expect the closed beta members to support us to make the game as flawless and smooth as possible for the launch.

The NDA where streaming wasn't allowed has been lifted and now streamers, influencers can stream the game and showcase it to their audience. The idea is build a strong community of Rogue Heist who can help support the game and spread the word about Rogue Heist coming to Steam very soon.

Our We are constantly reaching out to all on Steam and Discord, if this is the first time you are hearing about Rogue Heist, join us on DISCORD.

Closed Beta starting June 14. To get access Pre-Order Now.