June 21 , 2019 pic

We are running a technical test of Rogue Heist from Friday June 21st onwards for all the closed beta participants to test server performance & stability. All participants are under a non-disclosure agreement.

The purpose of this technical test is to test the load testing capacity of the servers, time taken for match making and smooth running of the game itself by gathering valuable feedback from players. All this to ensure that the game is ready to host more players at launch successfully.

For this test, Only one of the game modes, Run 'n' Gun (death match) is open for players because we want the servers to be ready to provide an optimum experience to players for the Heist Mode. The content being tested is still work-in-progress to which we are constantly making changes and improvements for the launch.

We are reaching out to the community to lend us support to help Rogue Heist reach its full potential, if you would like to join & support us, you can reach out to us in Steam Community or Join DISCORD where we keep in constant touch with all Rogue Heisters.

Closed Beta starting June 14. To get access Pre-Order Now.