June 14 , 2019 pic

UPDATE: The first closed beta test could not be made live due to server issues and got delayed till further notice until this new piece was posted here. For info on beta, dev updates and everything else Join Rogue Heist on DISCORD

We're happy to announce that the Rogue Heist closed Beta is starting from Friday, June 14th to Monday June 17th; this Beta is exclusively for Pre-Order buyers and Gleam giveaway winners. This is the first of the few beta tests we will be hosting before launching Rogue Heist this summer on Steam.
While access to this beta is restricted, we thought we'd let you know it's happening as the chances are you'll be seeing new gameplay related posts, as well as footage from the beta on YouTube and various streaming platforms.

This beta will feature the following:
  • A completely revamped Heist Mode
  • Improved graphics
  • Two new classes joining Sniper & Assault:
  • Hacker
  • Support
  • New weapons system, now each class has their own weapon choices
  • Two new game modes: Run 'n' Gun & Gangwar
  • Sounds - Updated weapon sounds (Work in progress)
  • Servers will be live at the following times:
  • 12 PM ET to 2 PM ET
  • 9 AM PT to 11 AM PT
  • 4 PM UK - 6 PM UK
  • 12 AM JST to 2 AM JST

There's so much fresh content and updates we want you to experience through the weekend by participating and helping us grow bigger and better. But still, we must tell you that playing the beta version of Rogue Heist may feel buggy or instilled with some issues and that's where we will need all your help; in bug reporting and testing servers both.
We are excited for what lies ahead and would like to thank you for supporting us all along. For those of you who are hearing about our Closed Beta for the first time, you can still support us by pre-ordering Rogue Heist on our website or on the link given below.

Closed Beta starting June 14. To get access Pre-Order Now.